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What is an air track?

Air tracks are inflatable landing surfaces or tumbling beds for gymnastics, cheerleaders and parkour enthusiasts. Commercial-grade air tracks, like ours at All About Gymnastics, give you the safe and steady landing of a professional spring floor in a portable, lightweight form that’s quick and easy to set up in shared venues and homes.

What are air tracks used for?

From professionals to amateurs, gymnasts to cheerleaders, air tracks are used in a range of sports for soft, well-planted landings and height-filled takeoffs.

What are the benefits of air tracks?

  1. Air tracks are lightweight and portable so they can be moved around as required and used at home or the gym.
  2. Air tracks create a low impact landing surface that can reduce the chance of injuries.
  3. Air tracks provide great bounce-back that can improve height.
  4. Air tracks allow gymnasts to practice moves, again and again, to build their confidence and learn new skills.

Which is the best air track for me?

Air tracks come in a range of lengths, thicknesses and widths to suit different sporting needs.

Gymnastics Air Track Mat

Air Track Length

3 metre Air Tracks

3 metres is the standard air track length and is a perfect entry-level, allrounder air track for gymnastics, cheerleading and parkour.

At All About Gymnastics, our 3 metre Air Track Evo, Rainbow Airtrack and Air Track Hometrack Pro are versatile, lightweight products that are perfect for home and gym use. They come in a range of colours and have fitted velcro strips so you can connect tracks to extend tumble runs. They are made from durable, high-grade 0.9mm matt PVC. All our Air Tracks are UV Resistant, REACH compliant, and CE Approved.

4 metre Air Tracks

If you need a little more length, 4 metre air tracks provide a longer safe space for landing, tumbling and somersaults.

Try the Air Track D10 4m, Air Track D20 4m or the stunning Rainbow Air Track 4m, which all come with the same velcro connectivity, colour options and durable PVC finish.

6 metre Air Tracks

And if you’ve got the space, a 6 metre air track is the perfect gym alternative when you need an XL landing surface. Check out the Air Track D10 6m and Rainbow Air Track 6m.

Air Track 4 Metre
Gymnastics Air Track Mat

Air Track Depth

10cm Air Tracks

The standard air track depth is 10cm, which with high pressure, provides a stable, soft landing for most jumps and moves. The 10cm depth mimics the same bounce as a gymnastics floor making skills easily transferred back in the gym. Our Air Track Evo, Air Track Hometrack Pro, Rainbow Airtrack, Rainbow Air Track 4m, Air Track D10 4m and Air Track D10 6m all have a depth of 10cms.

20cm Air Tracks

For an increased bounce a 20cm depth Air Track is the perfect solution for all levels of athletes. A 20cm depth air track can be used at both high and low pressure to provide a low impact, stable landing and better height for jumps. The increased bounce will make skills easier to master.

If you’re looking for a 20cm air track, try our Rainbow Track 6m, the D20 4m or the D20 6m.

Wide Air Tracks

If you need a wider, professional landing surface, some air tracks come in a super-wide 2 metres.

Check out our professional D20 6m x 2m or Rainbow Track 6m

Gymnastics Air Track Mat

Air Tracks FAQs

What are air tracks made of?

At All About Gymnastics, our air tracks are made of high-grade PVC providing a soft, non-slip, durable surface that’s easy to clean. The body of the Air Track is reinforced 0.2mm drop stitch double wall fabric (DWF), brush finished. The DWF surface is made of 2 layers of coated fabric connected to each other by thousands of small threads.

Can air tracks go outside?

Air tracks are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Just ensure that you use your air track on a smooth flat surface when outdoors. All About Gymnastics recommend if you choose to use your Air Track outside that you make sure the surface is clear of any sharp objects. We advise a groundsheet is used.

How do you inflate an air track?

Air tracks can be easily inflated using a foot or electric pump depending on your budget. All About Gymnastics offers the Bravo 7 Foot Pump, Bravo 7M Foot Pump, Bravo OV6 Electric Pump, and Bravo OV10 Electric Pump. Customers should be aware that some mattress and camping electric pumps are not powerful enough to inflate Air Tracks to the correct pressure.

Do air tracks pop easily?

If you choose a leading air track provider with quality products, air tracks shouldn’t pop easily. Commercial-standard air tracks like the ones at All About Gymnastics are made with high-quality materials that provide a bounce-back, low impact landing surface that’s made to last.

How can you repair air tracks?

As with most inflatable products, Air tracks can be easily repaired using a patching kit and adhesive. Click here for our Air Track repair guide.

How much do air tracks weigh?

  • Our 3m*1m*10cm air tracks weigh 12kg approximately
  • Our 4m*1m*10cm air tracks weigh 15kg approximately
  • Our 6m*1m*10cm air tracks weigh 20kg approximately

How much are air tracks?

At All About Gymnastics, our most popular air tracks range from £185 – £1,000 depending on length, depth and finish. We also offer custom-made professional air tracks and air floors which start from £1,195.

Ready to buy an air track?

All About Gymnastics is one of Europe’s leading air track suppliers. With a wide range of sizes and finishes, we supply quality products at competitive prices, making us the first choice for everyone from gymnasts to cheerleaders for practice at home or at the gym.

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