Add Store Credit / Gift Card to your Basket

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter the amount your wish to purchase a gift card of
  3. Click Add to Basket

Purchase Credit Amount

  1. Go to your Basket, then click Proceed to Checkout
  2. Make sure the Send Gift Card / Store Credit to…. box is set to – Gift coupons to someone else
  3. Enter their email address and a message
  4. Pay as normal

Receive Gift Card

The gift card will be sent to your recipient.

View Your Gift Cards

To view your store credit / Gift Cards, go to My Account, then Coupons

Spend Your Store Credit / Gift Cards

After adding your items to your basket, go to your basket. all of your Available coupons or Credit will be shown. When you click on these, it will add it to your basket. Alternatively manually copy+paste the code in the Coupon code box.

More Information / Terms & Conditions

  1. Purchase of Store Credit or Gift Cards are non-refundable.
  2. You cannot use store credit as part-payment, however if you spend under the total store credit value the remaining credit will remain in your account for future use.
  3. Whilst at the time of sending store credit the code has no expiry date, we reserve the right to cancel any store credit that has not been used 12 months after purchase.