Checking For Air Leaks:

  1. We recommend you mix a small amount of washing up liquid in a jug of water.
  2. Use a small paintbrush applying the soapy water around all the side material and seams. You will spot the air leak as the soapy water will bubble where the leak is.
  3. If no leaks are apparent on the side material carry out the above method on the DWF surface (jumping area) and look for small bubbles to appear when applying the soapy water.
  4. If you are still unable to identify any leaks take your inflated mat outside and rest it on a flat surface. Get a bucket of water and pour onto all areas of the DWF surface, if bubbles become visible you have found the leak (please check both sides of your mat).

Repairing A Puncture

If you have used or did not receive glue with your airtrack we recommend the best glue for airtracks can be obtained from any online pool store, we suggest you search for Pool Vinyl Repair Kit when needing to apply larger patches. If you puncture is small then super glue can be applied as an alternative.

Repair Guide

Step 1. Cut a circular or rectangular patch from the material supplied in the repair kit (use an appropriate size coin to mark the repair material patch to be cut if using a circular patch).

Step 2. Depending on where the hole is you will need to determine whether your track is slightly inflated or deflated.

Step 3. Ensure the surface area where the track is damaged is clean and dry.

Step 4. Apply a generous amount of glue to your patch ensuring there is enough to spread to the edges of your patch when pressed onto the airtrack covering the hole (glue can be applied with a small art paintbrush). Clean any surplus glue that may spread out once the patch is applied.

Step 5. If you have a small roller (like a wallpaper roller) it’s handy to roll the patch whilst applying some heat with a hairdryer. Whilst applying this heat roll the patch edges down to ensure you create a seal, maintain this heat for 5 minutes then leave for 24hrs.

Roller used to apply pressure when apply patches to repair an airtrack puncture




Checking your patch is airtight.

Step 1. Inflate your track to its desired pressure then apply a small amount of soapy water to test for leaks.

Step 2. If bubbles appear from the patch dry the surface off and release the air from your track.

Step 3. Apply a small amount of glue to the edge where it is leaking then apply heat with a hairdryer. Leave to dry for 4hrs then test again.

Should you have any questions or need any advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.