Hand & Wrist Protection

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Stocking well known Brands like Giddy hand balms, DRYbands wrist protectors, AAG and Panda Paw wrist supports and 2TOMS GripShield which is a must-have product that works instantly to dry your hands.

Giddy hand balms have become renowned for its fast healing properties and proved a must-have for every gymnast suffering from hand rips. All-natural ingredients make it a must-have balm, being less greasy than other rip balms helps your hands heal faster.

Leading wristband manufacturer DRYbands has proved a hit with gymnasts. Designed to protect your wrists against rubs and skin rips whilst performing gymnastics bar training routines. These super comfortable wristbands with wicking and antimicrobial properties also flip up over velcro or buckles of handguards for safety, comfort, and a sleek look.

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