Other Training Aids

Other Training Aids (11)

  • Bar Loops

    Bar Loops are designed and used to provide security during gymnastics bar training. Sold as a pair.
  • Sliders

    • Improve flexibility, shaping and conditioning.
    • Convex design.
    • For gym and home use.
  • Stick-EEZE

    Designed to help gymnasts perfect tumbling, bar work, and vault skills.
  • Resistance Band

    • Premium elasticated fabric for greater comfort
    • Built-in rubber non-slip strip to ensure bands stay in place and never roll up your leg
    • Wide flat design for improved constant tension
  • Flexibility Strap for Gymnastics

    • Increase Flexibility
    • Improve Stretching
    • Perfect Stunts
  • StretchRite


    Stretch safely with these new ergonomically designed handgrips

    - Shins  - BackCalves - Hamstrings - Shoulders/Swimmer’s Elbow - - Biceps - Jumper’s and Runner’s Knee - Flexibility - - Arthritis & osteoporosis - Improve Flexibility -

  • 2TOMS® SportsShield® For Her! 1.5 oz Roll-On


    Delivers All-Day protection against rubbing & friction

    • Contains no animal products • • Prevents Blisters & Chafing • • Won't melt • Rolls on quickly & easily • • Sweatproof • Waterproof • • 100% Guaranteed •

  • My Gymnastics Journey

    • Track your gymnastics journey
    • Reflect on your training
    • Set goals
    • Inspirations & role models

    And so much more!

  • Volume 1: Gymnastics Floor Skills Book


    Whether you’re a coach, PE teacher, parent or even a young gymnast yourself, this book contains everything you need to know about developing a range of essential gymnastics skills. The book is clearly described and illustrated. Emphasis is placed on clear, practical instructions.

    The book is 68 pages hardback flip board style so great for using indoors or out.

  • Volume 2: Pair and Trio Balances Gymnastics Book


    About Gymnastics Volume 2: Pair and Trio Balances is the second in the series of the Head Over Heels About Gymnastics tutorial guides. This book is packed full of ideas to incorporate gymnastics skills into Pair and Trio Gymnastic Balances.

  • Volume 3: Floor Beam Gymnastics Book


    This is the third in our Instructional Book Series. This book covers some more advanced skills, as well as the basics of the Floor Beam (see description below for more detail).