Compression Calf Sleeves


Please note calf compression sleeves are sold as a pair.




Compression Calf Sleeves

All About Gymnastics compression calf sleeves. Compression sleeves are designed to help athletes reduce calf muscle fatigue. They provide faster recovery during intense training, and reduce the risk of injury.

Compression calf sleeves help conditions like cramps, strains, and shin splints.

How they benefit you – when athletes train, the muscles in their body endure physical shocks and vibrations. We also produce lactic acid which is a waste product that needs removing from your muscles. Both these factors contribute to an athletes fatigue and pain during training.

You will notice widespread use of compression sleeves across a range of sports. Gymnasts suffer the same high impact on their calf muscles. Whether you’re performing on a beam, tumbling on the floor, or doing a dismount off bars your calves take a large amount of impact. Now consider the hours spent in the gym training, the amount of time spent on each apparatus and you’ll understand why certain parts of your body ache.

Compression sleeves help compress the muscle which reduces the amount of vibration. By compressing the muscle it helps increase the blood flow through your arteries which helps the rate of recovery and decreases muscle soreness.

You do not need to be suffering an injury to benefit from wearing compression sleeves. The fact that they help blood flow and decrease fatigue to your muscles will all help improve your performance and recover faster.

It will also help you to recover quicker, meaning that you will be ready for your next workout, so you can train harder.

Message from Beth…..” I’ve been wearing compression calf sleeves for the past 8 months. I’ve found my calves honestly do not ache as much which means I can train for longer periods. If they do ache my recovery period seems so much faster. If you don’t wish to buy these I suggest you seriously look at other brands as compression sleeves are of genuine benefit.




Please measure the circumference of your calf (largest part of your calf) below your knee.

Calf compression size chartCalf Compression Fitting – Bundle your compression sleeve up as if you were putting on a sock. Pulling the sleeve over the toes and your heel, you then slide the sleeve above your ankle. 

Now that it’s above your ankle gently pull the sleeve towards your knee. Repeat this step a number of times until it is positioned just below the knee.

To remove the compression sleeve repeat the above steps in reverse.

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Calf Compression Sleeve Size

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