GIDDY Joint & Tendon Muscle Balm



GIDDY is for EVERYONE not just extreme athletes!



GIDDY Joint & Tendon Muscle Balm

Soothing relief for joints and tendons after climbing, gymnastics, skiing, surfing, running, and other high impact activities. Developed by athletes using all natural and ingredient. It is a balm that is made specifically for massaging into tender areas that are experiencing pain, stiffness or tenderness from joint or tendon issues.

Key Facts

  • Giddy never source any ingredients that are not Eco-friendly!
  • When they say all natural Giddy really mean all natural ingredients. Giddy is handmade and done so in small batches so they can control the quality.
  • All packaging is recyclable and/or made from post-consumer recycled waste so you can be confident that your GIDDY purchase is good for your skin and the planet.
  • GIDDY is a multidimensional brand geared towards rock climbers, gymnasts, snowboarders, surfers, skiers, hikers, and a plethora of other enthusiasts.

GIDDY is for EVERYONE not just extreme athletes!

All Natural Ingredients:

Safflower Oil* – safflower oil is made from the pressed seeds of safflower blooms and is used widely in both cooking and skin care products. Safflower oil has one of the highest concentrations of linoleic acids when compared to other natural oils. We use safflower oil in a wide array of skin care products at Giddy for three reasons: it sinks in fast, is highly unlikely to clog pores, and still works as an incredible moisturizing agent.

Shea Butter* – shea butter, derived from the nuts of the shea tree, has been used for centuries in Africa for its skin moisturizing benefits. Shea butter is not only high in both oleic and stearic acids but is also high in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and even Vitamin F which helps to repair damaged hair and skin cells. Furthermore, scientific research has not only proven that shea butter has natural sun protection against UV rays (up to SPF 8), but also increases collagen production which helps to reduce signs of aging.

Carnauba Wax* – wax from the Brazilian Carnauba Palm Tree aka the “tree of life,” carnauba wax (the hardest natural wax) is what makes M&Ms “Melt in your mouth and not in your hands!” This wax is widely used in the cosmetic industry in place of beeswax (especially where plant based products are more preferable than animal derived products). Carnuaba wax is widely praised for it’s skin protective and oil-binding properties.

Menthol* – our 100% organic and natural menthol is derived from the cornmint plant. While menthol gets a bad rap from it’s use in cigarettes, EWG’s skin deep database rates menthol as a low hazard ingredient in all categories. It is a testament to menthol’s safety and soothing properties that this natural byproduct is used in everything from toothpaste to medicated oils and throat drops. It’s even used in candy for children! In the same way that hot peppers trigger your body’s heat receptors without actually inducing a chemical heat change, menthol tricks your body’s cold receptors. This reaction in turn activates a cooling sensation which helps to promote numbing of minor aches and pains.

Camphor Oil* – Well ahead of its time, Camphor oil has a long medicine history dating back to ancient India. The benefits of this essential oil include its properties such as anti-inflammatory and as a disinfectant. The oil is obtained naturally during the process of extraction two types of camphor trees. The first being Cinnamonum Camphora and the second is Dryobalanops Camphora.

Glucosamine – While unsubstantiated by the FDA, glucosamine possesses natural anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It is also one of the most popular supplements taken by people with joint and tendon pain, glucosamine aids in treating common symptoms of age-related disorders such as arthritis and osteoarthritis and also helps with mobility, range of motion and general joint health.

Peppermint Essential Oil* – peppermint essential oil, widely used in everything from ice cream, to lip balms, to perfume, is packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, calcium, Vitamins A and C, minerals, potassium, manganese and copper. It’s numbing properties provided by it’s menthol component help to sooth slight skin ailments like chipped and cracked skin.

Beeswax – Beeswax, which is produced by female worker bees at a 10:1 honey to beeswax ratio (meaning it takes 10 pounds of honey to product 1 pound of beeswax), is primarily used in skin care products to bind, or emulsify, the oil components of cosmetic recipes. However, due to wax esthers found in beeswax that are similar to those found in human skin cells, beeswax has a wide variety of skin benefitting properties all on it’s own outside of the oils it binds together. First and foremost, similar to how beeswax is used as a protective agent for cloth, lining, and leathers, beeswax provides protective properties for your skin as well. Also, high in Vitamin A, beeswax helps penetrate skin and retain moisture without the risk of clogging pores.

Argan Oil* – Argan oil, often referred to as “liquid gold” is an incredibly nourishing and hydrating oil derived from the Mediterranean Argan Tree. Argan oil contains antioxidants, tocopherols (vitamin E), phenols, carotenes and fatty acids. Argan oil is becoming increasing popular in natural skincare products due to its ability to moisturize, nourish and heal.

Calendula Oil* – the calendula herb has been noted for its healing and restorative powers by numerous ancient civilizations including the Chinese, Egyptian, and Hindu societies. The brilliant colors of the calendula flower can be found in religious progressions to adorn statues from the Virgin Mary in Catholicism to Hindu gods in their temples. The German version of the FDA (Commission E) has approved calendula for external treatment of minor wounds and a growing number of clinical trials in the scientific and medical community support and endorse calendula for it’s healing abilities.

Ginger Oil* – Ginger is a flowering plant in the family Zingiberaceae; its root is widely used as a spice, and it has been used in all natural medicines in the form of ginger oil for thousands of years. Ginger Oil does an exceptional job of easing minor pain and improving mobility.

Eucalyptus Oil* – The health benefits of eucalyptus oil are well-known and wide ranging, and its properties include anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial. All good things when looking to recover from muscle and nerve pain.

MSM – MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is an organic sulfur compound that’s naturally derived during the earth’s rain cycle. Studies show MSM to be highly effective in the fight against Osteoarthritis (OA) and other joint pain because of its high biologically active sulfur content, one of the building blocks of healthy joints.

Rosemary Oil Extract* – rosemary oil extract is quickly becoming one of the most popular natural preservatives in the natural skin care industry. Not only does rosemary oil extract do a spectacular job to maintain the integrity of skin care formulations, rosemary also has medicinal and antioxidant properties all on it’s own that have been well documented in the medical profession.

Vitamin E Oil – well known and documented to reduce rancidity in oil based cosmetic recipes, our Vitamin E oil is sourced from non-GMO soybeans which gives it a rich variety of alpha, delta, beta and gamma tocopherals which are the antioxidants that help to preserve our skin care products.

*Organic Ingredients

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